I’m going to start making music

Announcing the start of my music creation journey







I have decided to start making music.

For the past few weeks, I have been learning the basics and working on my first track.

Of course, since I’m starting from scratch with no formal music education, it’s prolly gonna suck at first and for a while.

But, I’ll keep on learning, creating and getting better every single time.

And hopefully look back one day and be glad i made this decision.

Well, I don’t live with regrets, so I’m already glad I’ve decided to pursue this long held ambition.


Music, to me, is the most powerful form of art and communication.

You don’t have to understand the lyrics or live in the same time period when the music was composed. Just hearing the music can invoke a feeling in you and me. And that feeling can be uniquely different for each individual.

For example, a classical orchestral music piece composed centuries ago could make you feel empowered, or a modern EDM track could make you feel alive, and so on.

This sharing of feelings or conveying of ideas spans across space and time.

And to me, it’s a way of sharing my ideas with those around me and those who will come long after I’m gone. It’s the way I can make the most impact on the lives of others and, thereby, leave a legacy.


I’ll be releasing my first single track in a week, preferably by 20th Dec, 2023.

More info about the release coming soon! 🔥

Stay tuned!

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