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i’m farhim

i’m from dhaka bangladesh

i started releasing my music as VOIOD from dec 2023

i’ve worked as a software engineer and freelancer over the past 4 years

but i’d always dreamed about making music for a living

instead of waiting for someday, i just decided to start on this path

now is the best time, compared to any time in history

you can connect with and build an audience directly using social media

you can earn from your music when people stream on platforms like spotify etc.

you can grow a global fanbase and travel the world while making n performing your music to thousands of people

it’s inspiring to see young kids, teenagers and artists in early 20s go from no-one to pro

making music, sharing with the world and making great a living from it

making an impact, a legacy – that people will remember

so, why can’t i do it as a 27 y/o?

of course i can

so, i decided to quit my past career and go all in to become a creator

it’s crazy

you can be literally anyone & do anything and still make a great living

if you have an audience

i’m grateful i’ve been given this gift of life

i know that gift has been given to me for a reason

you’ll know what i’m talking about if you’re watching this like 10-20 years from now

but i know

i believe

i’m destined to do great things

there is almost infinite leverage available today – with ai, social media, the internet, etc.

i know one day i’ll have a lot of money, power & influence

but can’t wait decades for that to happen

i want to start on the path NOW, and reach abundance ASAP

because first and foremost

i want to give back to my family

my parents

who brought me into this world, and allowed me to see the light of day

i want to provide an incredible life to my family

a life that they never could have imagined, beyond their wildest imaginations

but i realize the sad reality

they’re already old and kinda sick, and they won’t be around for long

so, it is my responsibility to reach my milestone of earning over $1M/yr asap

hopefully within the next 6-12 months

that might sound a bit too ambitious

given that, i’m currently earning $0 from my music or content

but i know it’s possible

and i’ll keep going even if it takes longer

just FYI (my current financial situation)

i quit my jobs long ago and i don’t see myself going back to one ever again

i terminated all of my freelance clients

except one, which sporadically brings in about $100-200 bucks a month

enough to put food on the table and pay for minimal bills and duties (in a poor country like BD)

i’m still living with my parents to save on rent

and i live like a minimalist

disregarding materialistic junk which serves no purpose

i could definitely get a job or more clients & live a ‘normal’ life

but i’d rather sell potatoes on the road, plant my own food or live in a jungle

actually, i could just start a biz online

which is something i initiated couple of times – like SaaS, dropshipping, etc.

but i kept quitting because i hate competition

i don’t like selling the same stuff other people can too

i want to stand out and be different

and one of the best things about being an artist and creator is

you are the niche.

no one can compete with you on being you

there is only 1 rock, 1 kanye, 1 joe rogan, …

just to give you some examples.

ofc competition is required, esp. when starting out

because you need to offer something that people want (demand)

and when there’s demand, naturally supply will appear sensing the opportunity (basic economics)

but if you can build a brand reputation over time, it gives you MASSIVE leverage

i remember alex hormozi saying something like ‘brand is the most valuable asset you can own‘

and that’s true

even tho it takes a hella long time to build

i’m willing to go the distance

i will.

it’s definitely possible

i will do whatever it takes

and however long it takes

as long as it aligns with my values.

anyhow, that’s a short version of my story for now

the goal isn’t just to earn $X and stop

it is to continue growing and pursue the limitless potential

that is present within every single one of us

and in the process, i hope i can inspire others to get better & do the same


thanks for watching/reading

there’s a lot cool stuff on the way

and i’m glad you’re here

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let’s go!

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