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Hi, I’m giving away 6 vapes for free.


Just over a month ago, I publicly challenged myself to reach a certain amount of body fat.

On failing, I stated that I’d give away $100 worth of cigarettes (since that was the worst incentive I could think of as a non-smoker myself).

I failed (but learned a lot too).

I decided to give away vapes instead of cigarettes due to vapes being less harmful (explained later).

So, if you’re interested in winning a brand new vape or just curious about this challenge, read on.


On July 9, 2023, I made this public commitment:

I will reach below 10% body fat within the next 4 weeks (by 6th August 2023).

If I fail, I will buy $100 worth of cigarettes to my disgrace and give them away to random people.

If I succeed, I will donate $100 to a non-profit named Valo Kajer Hotel that feeds homeless people for free every day.

I lost the challenge and here’s what I learned.

As promised, I’m going to pay the price.

But why did I choose vapes over cigarettes?

Why Vapes Over Cigarettes?

Although I don’t smoke, I remember watching this video a while ago about the effects of cigarettes vs. vaping on the human body.

According to several research studies, vapes are said to be about 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

The general consensus is that if you don’t smoke, just stay away from all of it.

However, if you smoke cigarettes, then switching to vaping can benefit you in several ways, including:

  • To reduce harm done to your body
  • To reduce your nicotine dependence
  • To help you quit smoking
  • To get rid of bad odors
  • To save money (since vaping can be cheaper)

This is somewhat liberating to me because my giveaway could actually reduce the harm done by cigarettes in the grand scheme of things.

Additionally, who would enjoy giving away hundreds of packs of cigarettes?

The Vape I’m Giving Away

$100 is approximately BDT 10.9k, as of writing.

I want to keep things simple and not give complex vape devices.

After a bit of research and talking with some vape shops, I’ve found the following disposable vape to be the right fit:

There are several flavors, and in the giveaway form (mentioned below), you can mention your preferred one(s).

Each one costs BDT 1800 on VaporCloud (the highest reviewed vape shop in BD).

I can give away 6 of these, summing to a total of BDT 10.8k.

Keep in mind that I also need to account for the delivery cost for sending to each individual winner, which will certainly cross my budget.

How to Enter the Giveaway

To enter the giveaway, you must be:

  • Over 21 y/o
  • Physically present in Bangladesh
  • Share this blog link publicly on your social media: e.g. FB, IG, TW, etc.

Fill up this form to enter the giveaway:

I’ll randomly choose the winners in 1 week and reach out to you.


Well, this ain’t my proudest blog, but one that I had to get done.

I lost a bet to myself, and I’m paying the price by giving away vapes for free.

As to setting and reaching goals, it all comes down to self-discipline. Additionally, commitment is a very powerful tool. The fear of loss can make us take action more readily than the hope of success.

Use them generously to be better than yesterday.


Disclaimer: Vaping can expose you to chemicals like nicotine which are addictive and can cause harm. By entering the giveaway, you acknowledge taking full responsibility for any consequences or side-effects. The author of the Blog ( is not liable for any harm or damage caused by the use/misuse of the product.

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